About TPS Online


Launched in Fall 2020, Toronto Prep School Online is a premium online private high school offering Ontario Secondary School Diploma courses. All courses are offered in partnership with Blyth Academy Online (BSID #669675) part of the Globeducate group of schools.


What Makes us Different


At Toronto Prep School Online, we recognise the importance of a well-balanced education. Not only do we support students’ learning about academic subjects through best-in-class online courses, we also support them in gaining knowledge about themselves and how to be successful in their schooling and in life. We view strong character and a core of values as integral components to all students, even those completing their studies online.


Where other online schools are simply delivering a course with limited support, Toronto Prep School Online believes in providing each student the same opportunities and support that they would receive in their home school. This ensures that students complete their courses, learn the subject matter and are well-prepared for future success.

Meet our Team


Meet our Team


Nathan Bishop


Nathan is an advocate for online education that reaches a wide variety of students and is delivered in the most accessible way possible. He has taught overseas, as well as in Ontario, and has a great deal of experience with technology and innovation in education. Along with his experience in teaching and technology, Nathan also holds additional qualifications in both Guidance and Special Education. Nathan is currently completing the Master of Educational Technology program at University of British Columbia (UBC).


Shelina Jaffer

Guidance Counsellor

Shelina is a native of Toronto. After receiving her B.Ed. from McGill University, Shelina taught abroad - in Japan, England and Lebanon. The exposure to a diverse range of global perspectives led Shelina to pursue a Master’s degree in Muslim Cultures from Aga Khan University. As an educator and guidance counsellor, Shelina endeavours to help students understand the factors that may shape their worldview and is keen on coaching students towards striking a balance in their life as well as having a growth mindset.


Catherine Szabo

Admissions Coordinator

Catherine is responsible for the intake and admission of students, as well as liaising with parents and students on the program itself. Catherine has held several functional positions in Toronto private schools, and can assist on a number of fronts related to admissions, student life, and getting the most value out of online learning. Catherine is a graduate of Branksome Hall and Trinity College at the University of Toronto.
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