Frequently Asked Questions


What are the tuition fees? 

For domestic students, all full-credit courses cost $795 each. For international students, all courses cost $1,249. Please click here for more details on fees.  

When does my course start? 

Once you register online, we will have you set up in your course within 2 business days or less, depending on the time of day you register. You will receive a welcome email containing all the information you need to get started. 

How long does it take to complete a course? 

This varies greatly depending on your availability, comfort level in the subject, and many other factors, but the average time to complete one course is 12 weeks; the maximum time to complete is 6 months. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your availability and a feasible timeline for course completion. All courses have a helpful pacing tool that allows you to build a schedule and map out a course completion plan. 

Is there any additional support beyond messaging my teacher? 

Yes; your teacher will hold office hours once a week. During this time, you can arrange to video conference with your teacher if you need more assistance. Office hours are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. All TPS Online students will also have on-demand access to tutoring from Ontario teachers through our partner, Skooli. 

How are the lessons delivered? 

Lessons are delivered in a wide variety of formats in order to cater to different learning styles. Some examples of delivery are written notes, videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, etc., videos created by the teacher, PowerPoint presentations accompanied by teacher voiceover, interactive labs and models, external websites, online articles, discussion forums, along with other interactive tools like Gizmos, Padlet, Prezi, Live Binders, and more. 

How are the assessments performed? 

Assessments are done through a variety of formats; there are quizzes, tests, discussions, and assignments that our teachers use for assessment. Students will be required to appear on video for some assessments in their course. 

How do I write the final exam? 

Students must have finished and submitted all coursework before taking the final exam. Once the exam is written, any outstanding coursework will be given a grade of zero. It is the student's responsibility to ensure they have submitted all coursework before writing the final exam. 

All exams will be written via our online proctoring service, Integrity Advocate. 

Once all required work has been submitted, the final exam will become visible to students (within the Quizzes section of the course) and they will be able to launch it. There is only one attempt permitted for the final exam, so students should not open it until they are ready to sit the entire exam. The exam is not password protected and thus the student does not need to schedule it in advance; students simply open up the exam and complete it when they are ready.  

Integrity Advocate will perform a brief, 5-minute authentication session with the student to verify their identity; students will need to provide government-issued photo identification at this stage. Once the authentication process has completed, students will be able to start their exam. Students will have the opportunity to test out the authentication process in a practice quiz within their course prior to the final exam to ensure they are comfortable with the process. If the identity verification procedure is invalid, the exam will not be released to the student until reviewed by the TPS Online team. No additional software or program is required for the use of Integrity Advocate.  

Further information regarding Integrity Advocate can be found at  


What happens if I need a hard copy of my final report card right away? 

You can arrange to have a courier pick up a hard copy of your report card from our office at your own expense if you need one sent immediately. We can also provide you with an electronic copy via email if you desire. Please get in touch with us at to arrange either of these options. 

I have an IEP. How does TPS Online accommodate for this? 

We will implement as many accommodations as possible that are indicated in the IEP. We can add extra time to student quizzes, tests, and exam, provide alternate submission options, and work with the teacher to make sure other accommodations are met. 

Students are encouraged to contact our office to discuss the accommodations that they need prior to enrollment to ensure that online learning is right for them. Not all accommodations outlined in an IEP are possible in the online learning environment. 

*IEPs are sometimes referred to as Individual Learning Plans (ILPS), Student Support Plans (SSPs), etc.  

Does my home school have to accept the credit I earned at TPS Online? 

Yes; your home school is required to add any credits you have earned through TPS Online to your transcript. 

*Students attending schools outside of Ontario should contact to confirm if and how credits will be transferred. 

What is the withdrawal policy? 

In Grades 11 and 12, all attempts, withdrawals, and repeats of courses are recorded on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST). 

If students in Grade 11 or 12 courses withdraw within 5 instructional days* following the issuing of the midterm report card, the withdrawal is not recorded on the OST. If a student withdraws after 5 instructional days following the issuing of the midterm report card, the withdrawal is recorded on the OST by entering a “W” in the “Credit” column. The percentage grade at the time of the withdrawal is recorded in the “Grade” column. 

Withdrawal from Grade 9 or 10 courses is not recorded on the OST. 

*An instructional day is considered any day, Monday-Friday, while the student is enrolled in the course regardless of whether they log in or not. This includes the summer as well. 


How do I register for a course? 

The registration process can be completed online by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button on the main page of this website. The online registration form can also be access here: Online Application 


How long do I have to complete my course? 

You have 6 months from the date of registration to complete your course. If you are unsure of this date, please look for the welcome email you would have received within 2 business days of your registration. 
If you require an extension, you will need to purchase one. Extensions cost $175 and give the student an additional 6 months in their course. To purchase an extension, please log into the Online Application Portal 

Select Payment then Extension Fee then follow the payment instructions. 

Students can only extend a course by 6 months, making the maximum duration of the course 1 year. After 1 year, the course will permanently expire. Students have 30 days from the date of expiry to extend their course. Beyond the 30 days, the course is officially closed. 

If you would like to change courses, you will be required to pay a transfer fee of $150 if you request the change after 30 days of enrolment or if you have completed any items in your course. 

Students are not able to transfer courses after 90 days from their registration date; at this point, students only have the option to continue the course or drop it. 

To pay the course transfer fee, please log into the Online Application Portal 

Select Payment then Transfer Fee then follow the payment instructions. 

Are there due dates in my course? 
Since your course is asynchronous, there are no due dates; you work through the course at your own pace.

Please note that you should take into account any due dates or deadlines for university/college applications and graduation from your home school.  

Be sure to use the Pacing Tool found within your course to help build a schedule. 

Do I get a textbook? 

If there is a required textbook for your course, you will be provided with an eBook at no additional charge. 

Are the tests proctored/supervised? 

Students must write quizzes, tests, and exams alone without the assistance of friends, parents, tutors, or any other person. Students are not to access any outside material, including coursework and/or notes with the exception of formula sheets in certain assessments where it has been indicated as permitted by the teacher and in the assessment details. Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or similar documents may be permitted to utilize outside material upon approval from the TPS Online office. 

Students that copy information from their course, their notes, or any other source and present them as their own answers will be given a grade of zero on the entire assessment. Answers that are very similar to those given in the course content will be investigated to determine whether they could be committed to memory or not within reason. 

Any violation of the aforementioned is considered a serious academic offence and a grade of zero will be applied to the entire assessment and students may be removed from the course without credit. 

Students will be required to answer questions on quizzes, tests, and exams via the video note feature built into the system. For all video submissions, students must make their face visible in order for teachers to adequately identify them. If students refuse to show their face in the video, this will be considered academic dishonesty and the student will be penalized or may be removed from the course without credit. 

How do I know if I am eligible for a midterm grade in my course? 

The mid-point of your course is outlined in the Welcome to your Course lesson contained in the introductory unit of your course. Generally, the mid-point is halfway through the course (i.e. after unit 3 in a 6-unit course), however, you should consult with your teacher to find the exact mid-point since it varies from course to course. 

Your teacher cannot submit a midterm grade to the TPS Online administration until you have reached this mid-point. TPS Online is not able to send current grades to colleges or universities, so please ensure you meet the mid-point requirements in advance of any deadlines or due dates that may apply. 

How does my completed course get on my transcript? 

We will send an official hard copy of your report card to your home school once it has been completed; they will put the completed course on your transcript for you. Please note we cannot produce transcripts for students; only home schools can produce transcripts. 

Do universities/colleges value online courses differently than in-class courses? 

No; all credits earned through TPS Online are taken at the same value as a credit earned in any other school in Ontario. You should, however, always consult with the university/college’s website to check their policies on e-learning courses, repeated courses, and courses taken outside of the home school, as these change frequently. 

When will I receive my final grade? 

Your teacher will grade your exam and submit your final grade to the TPS Online office approximately four days after the exam is written (this can vary depending on how much work you have submitted toward the end of the course). The report card will then be generated and processed by our Records Team within 2 business days. Report cards will be mailed by standard mail via Canada Post to the student’s home school. Students should anticipate the mailing time may take up to 1-2 weeks. Students will receive digital copies of their report cards by email (not by physical mail). 

How does my grade get to OUAC or OCAS? 

We will send your grade to OUAC and/or OCAS once you provide us with your OUAC/OCAS number via the Post-Secondary Transmission Form found in your course. You must also complete up to the mid-point in your course for a midterm grade and must have completed the entire course (including the final exam) for a final grade. 

Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure their OUAC and/or OCAS number has been sent to the TPS Online administration team. 


What are the hardware and software requirements? 

Students should have the following minimum requirements to access on TPS Online programs: 

A PC running Windows XP or higher or 
A Mac running OS X or 
A Chromebook running Chrome OS 
2GB of RAM 
High speed internet connection 
A sound card with speakers or headphones 
A functional webcam and microphone 

Adobe Reader 
Adobe Shockwave 
Adobe Flash Player 
A typical Office Suite including a word processor application, equation editor and spreadsheets 
Mozilla Firefox4 or higher or 
Internet Explorer 7 or higher or 
Safari 5 or higher or 
Google Chrome 11 or higher 

* In some cases, a scanner or phone/camera may be used to submit handwritten assignments.  


What is the refund policy? 

TPS Online does not offer refunds. Students may transfer to a different course within 90 days but a fee may apply. Please consult the Refunds, Credits, and Transfers section of the TPS Online Student Handbook for further details.  
Please download the TPS Online Student Handbook for more details on our policies and procedures. 



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