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University and Beyond

Looking forward to the future

University application process summary

At Toronto Prep School we take an active role in supporting a student’s application for post-secondary education. This begins as soon as they start at the school and is amplified in his/her final year of high school. 

Senior students begin meetings with the guidance department in the first two weeks of the fall semester. The initial meeting features a guidance orientation in which each student is provided with a personalized package of documents to assist in the selection process of post-secondary schools and programs.

This meeting is followed by a transcript analysis, a discussion of eligible programs based upon said transcript and current timetable, and setting opening goals for the interim report period.

Each student is then provided with a list of program links matched to his/her specific interests, grade range, and pending goals. Parents are invited to join the process from the third meeting on, where each program link is debated with the intent of creating a shortlist and goals for midterm and final reports are revisited.

Students looking at a laptop computer.

Each step in the process (from program selection, to document completion, to payment submission) is completed with the assistance of the guidance department. Once the base applications are complete, the guidance department offers advice concerning any/all supplemental applications to the universities of the applicant’s choice. Meetings to edit essays and assistance with listing extracurricular/athletic activities can also be arranged to present the best possible application to each university.

OUAC information

Ontario universities application centre resources

Scholarships and awards

For more information about scholarships and awards please download the package distributed by OUInfo.

This package will provide you with information on deadlines, plus useful links for instructions/amount(s) awarded etc. This package covers all Ontario university scholarships and awards.

Scholarships and awards available to Ontario students