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Academic Support at TPS

Study help for students

Toronto Prep School has a modern approach to homework. First, our teachers assign only the work they feel is necessary. The outdated policy of assigning a certain number of minutes of homework per day is not a productive use of anyone's time.

Second, we ensure homework assignments are clearly understood before a student leaves the classroom. The responsibility for clarifying assignments rests on the student and our teachers make themselves available at the end of class to answer questions. Homework may consist of class work that wasn't completed, studying for tests, drills on previously taught work, preparatory reading or projects such as essays.

By using their laptops, students may record the due dates for assignments and tests in the calendar function. Toronto Prep School also lists all homework assignments and exam dates online, so that parents and students can easily access the information.

A dialogue between school and parents helps to ensure that the whole family understands homework expectations. Parents can help their children by providing a quiet place to complete homework, posting a calendar with assignment due dates noted and encouraging good time-management skills.

Toronto Prep School has established systems for dealing with students whose homework is not completed on time. Usually, this consists of having students spend time after school finishing the work. If homework is still not being completed responsibly, TPS requires students to spend a Saturday at school working on assignments.

Our faculty make themselves available daily before school (9:00 – 9:55 am) and after school during Study Club (4:30 – 6:00 pm). During these times teachers can help students with homework difficulties or give project and study advice.