After consulting the Ontario Science Table, Toronto Public Health, and our own personal epidemic advisors, Toronto Prep School has lifted the mandatory mask mandate effective as of Monday, May 16th, 2022.


Daily Screening
Daily on-site confirmation of screening for all students and staff will no longer be required. However, staff and students should continue to self-screen at home every day before attending school using the province's current screening tool.

Online Screening Tool


Finally, as per direction of the Ministry of Education, the following health and safety measures will continue to remain in place:

  • Enhanced cleaning;
  • Encouraging hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, such as coughing into your sleeve;

All students will return to in-person learning and assessments will revert to the conventional closed book approach.


(updated September 7, 2022)

COVID-19 & eLearning Resources


COVID-19 & eLearning Resources


Below is a list of important documents and resources prepared by the TPS Pandemic Response Team. We take the safety and health of our school community very seriously. Check back regularly for updates.

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Toronto Public Health Updates


Toronto Public Health Updates


This is a feed of the Toronto Public Health Twitter account. All updates and important links from Toronto Public Health are posted to this social media network. Click to be redirected to the Toronto Public Health Twitter site.

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