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A superior academic program valuing knowledge, technology, individuality & integrity


Our Mission

The Toronto Prep School is completely dedicated to providing a superior academic program for the children of parents who value the importance of knowledge, technology, individuality, responsibility, and integrity in a safe, nurturing, and highly motivated environment. Our mission is to prepare our students by equipping them with the academic tools and life skills needed to enter and succeed not only at the post-secondary school level, but ultimately, in their chosen career path. Given the pace of technological change and the growth of information technologies in all aspects of our lives, it is crucial that students gain mastery over these tools. We are committed to developing students who are confident and responsible and exhibit the values necessary to become effective communicators, informed and productive thinkers, self-directed learners, collaborative workers, and skilled information processors and problem solvers.


It is a mission and duty we take most seriously and which we commit ourselves fully.


To Fulfill Our Mission

As educators we will develop the facility for learning and foster the motivation for students to continue to learn after their formal school years. We are dedicated to empowering each student to develop attitudes, skills, knowledge and the responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and society. We will challenge each student to maximize his or her effort and in so doing realize their potential. The development of a sound work ethic and effective organizational and study skills will be stressed. It is our duty to ensure that students are able to communicate clearly and effectively and to master the ever changing technologies for communication. To this end we value and stress the following skills:



  • Read for meaning and write for purpose;
  • Locate and evaluate information;
  • Manipulate numbers and interpret data; and
  • Value a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle which includes physical activity, an appreciation for the arts and culture and a recognition for the importance of family, friendship and community.



Fundamental To Our Mission

At the Toronto Prep School, we have the active involvement of a passionate, caring and experienced staff, proven teamwork and shared leadership, the effective management of resources, a safe and orderly learning environment and the opportunity to properly prepare each student for success. We pride ourselves in our dedication to our students, families, community, each other, our profession, and to continuous learning. We acknowledge that parents, students and teachers are seen as valued partners in layering the foundation for life-long learning. It will take all of us working toward a common goal to achieve success. At the Toronto Prep School we truly believe, “that it takes a village to raise a child”. It is with this philosophy in mind that we welcome the input of parents. Dedicated teachers, who respect, encourage, inspire, and challenge students to maximize effort, concerned, involved parents and motivated students are all fundamental to the learning and growth process.


Students at the Toronto Prep School will have more opportunities to form relationships with their teachers, which can lead them to greater academic success. Extra-help opportunities are intended to help students with any specific academic difficulty they may experience, which can allow the issue to be resolved both quickly and correctly.


Small classes enable the teacher to have a better sense of who your child is, and as such identify strengths and weaknesses more readily. Each student will also have the opportunity to speak up and participate in class discussions and receive immediate clarification. A low student to faculty ratio is at the core of any independent school. It enables teachers to explore sidebars and cement fundamentals in place as well as provide greater personal attention in preparing each student for the challenges ahead.


Above all, we are accountable to both our students and our parents.

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