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About Us

A teacher working with students in an arts classroom.

Welcome to Toronto Prep – a private, co-educational preparatory day school for grades 7-12.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Toronto Prep School. You’ll find a great deal of information about our programs, the school environment, our calendar and more here on our website. 

Education in values

Parents are increasingly concerned about the role education will play in securing the future they want for their children. Being accepted into a prominent university is not enough; the ability to succeed at university and beyond is the goal.

Parents understand that the best education not only combines a rigorous academic curriculum with a structured, nurturing environment and an appropriate integration of technology to promote literacy and numeracy but also cherishes the values of hard work, personal responsibility, respect, leadership and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Small class sizes

Our small class sizes and commitment to positive discipline play integral parts in the recognition and fostering of individual strengths. Dedicated and caring teachers challenge students to strive for excellence while encouraging social responsibility. We provide a community where achievement, character development and academics are equally important aspects of the total educational experience. Helping students develop a life-long love of learning is our ultimate goal.

Engaging curriculum

Our curriculum places a premium on students taking an active role in their education. Learning by doing promotes a spirit of inquisitiveness and a deeper understanding of ideas.

Talented and committed faculty members put students at the forefront and challenge them to pursue their dreams.

A man wearing a blue tie and glasses.

Acceptance to a prominent university is not good enough; the ability to succeed once you are there and beyond is the goal.”

Passionate educators

The school has teachers who genuinely connect with young people and engage our students to take constructive risks as they develop academic and personal attributes we value. Our goal is to inspire all our students to develop both creative and analytical skills, which are essential to successful learning while supporting them as they accept responsibility for who they are and what kind of people they want to become. We, as educators, have a rich history of achievement to draw upon.

I invite you to explore the Toronto Prep experience.

Peter Tsimikalis' signature.

Pete Tsimikalis